eCaring lowers healthcare costs

Our inspiration comes from the need to integrate care teams and improve internal communication through technology

eCaring keeps people out of the hospital by generating essential real time health care data from the home.

Our unique cloud-based system integrates significant behavioral, clinical and medication adherence data to manage and monitor seniors and people with chronic conditions. That information is filtered for care managers and providers, hospitals and health plans, generating actionable alerts that enable timely interventions which keep small problems in the home from leading to big ones in the hospital.

A single platform manages all conditions, providing a unique new source of major health care data. The results are more efficient allocation of resources, improved information sharing, and reduced overall cost of care.

Our target users are care manager, social workers, nurses, home health aides, physicians, care coordinators, family members and patients.

Key Features and Benefits: The main key benefit of eCaring is ease of use for its users.

Main features: Customizable Care Plans - Tailor care plans to meet population and individual needs in your organization. My image

Care Tracker - Intuitive, icon-based interface to enter behavioral, clinical, and meds data My image

Care Manager - Dashboards increase care management efficiency and effectively help focus on patients that need more attention My image

Real Time Alerts- Configurable real-time alerts prevent adverse events, reduce costs and help patients stay at home My image

Data Analytics- Customized reports and filters for triaging services and decision support Improved Care Team Communication - HIPAA compliant communications integrate aide on care team My image

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