Addicaid: Find meetings and community support while achieving recovery goals.

My Inspiration

I started Addicaid because I needed something like it when I was throes of early recovery and couldn't afford expensive care. It began as a meeting directory in response to the fragmented online listings that were then the only option. The positive response to Addicaid’s MVP made me realize that there’s a massive opportunity to build a holistic digital methodology to treatment rather than a simple product feature. After I learned that less than of people 5% maintain recovery, I became determined to build something to improve these outcomes.

Our Target Users

Our target user base consists of recovery veterans in the 12-step program who need access to a meeting directory as well as people who want a way of connecting with an online community and keeping track of their personal goals. Addicaid ‘s platform provides a low barrier of entry to by appealing to a wider population than the one-size-fits-all 12-step model because we understand that addiction is a spectrum disorder, not a “you have it or you don’t” disease.

Favorite Features

Addiction is a chronic disease and we engineered an accessible, innovative means of managing it.


Our unique goal response system allows members to write and or record responses which helps those who may have issues writing down their thoughts. The option to remain anonymous allows people to more comfortably enter our community. It’s a way to connect people in a targeted way based on their personal reflections and goals. The goals are based on CBT, a proven method to management addiction that is generally very expensive. We give our users access to its benefits for free.


It was extremely difficult to find the right supports groups before Addicaid was released. We have the most comprehensive meeting directory thanks to our custom data scraper that collects hundreds of thousands of meetings from different resources. What’s unique about our meeting directory aside from its accuracy and comprehensiveness is the meeting feedback loop. It helps users connect to others who attend the same meetings and tag and comment the meeting with relevant information to help make meetings more transparent. Users can join, favorite and add their meetings to their calendar to make sure they never miss a meeting.

It’s easy to see where meetings are and which are happening soon on the meeting map. This is especially helpful for people who struggle with reading long lists (such as myself).

The meeting finder is available on iOS, Android, and web so its convenient to use on any device.

News and Resources

We also have a feed of inspiring and relevant content for those in recovery on our news feed inside the app. It is culled from our desktop news site,, where we provide resources to helpful organizations and information on different disorders and suggestions for treatment.


Addicaid is in the process of finalizing several partnerships and pilots to help expand our user base and improve our product while helping other organizations (outlined in the PDF attached).

The support of the Super Utilizer Innovation challenge will immensely help us iterate and develop faster while conducting multiple pilots outside of NSLIJ to measure the precise impact of certain features in different health care settings and patient populations.

Plans for the Future

We are releasing a major update in 2 weeks based on the user feedback we continually receive from thousands of members. The feedback consistently covers three different topics: the meeting finder, social aspect, and personal progress. We have an expanded directory that includes more US meetings as well as ones based in Canada, the UK, and Australia as requested.

In terms of social features, we are releasing chat rooms based on different vices and topics, small support groups (buddy pods) in the app to give members social accountability in their recovery. Members can message each other privately as well or ask for help from the community with the click of a button.

To help members track their progress, we are introducing journaling, custom notifications (a notification reminder to complete a daily affirmation, for example), and check-ins to track mood and desire to use every day.

We are currently screening addiction coaches for our Addicaid Plus program, which is an affordable way to receive feedback and support from vetted experts via mobile or web. Addicaid Plus coaches help members craft custom treatment programs based on their addiction history, triggers, and lifestyle. Additionally, it's a great way for treatment centers to provide a cost-effective continuum of care.

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