Pivotal Living: The World's First Free (Fully Subsidized) Wearable

Xiaomi USA as a Health and Wellness Service

I am the CEO and Co-Founder of Seattle health-based technology start-up, Pivotal Living. I spent 10 years managing large consumer businesses at Microsoft and Nike thinking he was changing lives with running shoes and software but eventually realized that healthcare was ultimately the best place to put my technology background to use—knowing you can’t put a price on good health or a dollar amount on enabling someone to live a longer, healthier and happier life. In 2014, I saw a great opportunity to disrupt the wearable tech industry by creating Pivotal Living, a cost-effective wearable that’s comparable to industry giants. For just $12 or the price of three lattes, anyone can experience Pivotal Living’s membership-based ecosystem of tools that support a health-conscious lifestyle has been recognized by GeekWire, The Seattle Times, USA Today, CNET, Fast Company, Engadget and The Huffington Post.

I believe we have arrived at a new era of self-empowered health and wellness, and how the 2010 healthcare reform, the Affordable Care Act, new sensor technology, historical hardware commoditization all helped fuel the software revolution of the internet of things, home automation, wearable technology and the huge quantified-self movement. Pivotal Living is radically removing financial barriers within the wearable technology space—bringing technology to users spanning all socioeconomic backgrounds, and empowering people from all walks of life with new tools to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

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