StarFish Health

StarFish Health adding pictures, voice, and videos to your (Super-Utilizer's) medical records.

StarFish Health -- adding pictures, voice, and videos to your medical records.

We are proud to introduce Starfish, a centralized personal health management system.

Starfish was designed to overcome the main challenges Super-Utilizers are facing today. It assists their eligibility and coverage issues, their chronic disease and care management issues, it assists with care transition and social services, handles their appointment setting problems, and it provides access to health and wellness resources.

During almost every healthcare visit there is information left behind. We want to capture that information, so that it becomes part of the medical record. For example, written prescriptions, verbal instructions, bills and financials, insurance info, as well as their list of conditions.

Starfish is built to be a HIPAA compliant and data intensive application which avoids redundancy and can access standard mobile technology. With audio and visual capabilities, Starfish makes it easy for you to stay on top of your appointments, medical routines, and keep track of your overall health. We have created it to be as user friendly and simple to use as possible. We are leveraging the smartphone’s native or default features and not having a person re-learn basic tasks just to use the product. They have already learned how to use their phone, so we are maximizing on this knowledge.

We will attempt to remove the need for additional researching and calendaring tools and provided everything in this one easy to use application. We are excited to provide a solution for people with smartphones as it will be the only thing they need to send and receive information regarding their health. With access to information about a patient’s health, ability to transition this information between members of their healthcare support team - regardless of locations and transitions, detailed audio and visual tutorials explaining how to tend to different medical conditions, alerts and notifications, a schedule of appointments and medication times, Starfish is the answer to the challenges of our Super-Utilizers. We realize Super Users may be Medicare/Medicaid recipients, but we didn’t want to stigmatize the users of our App.

Mary, our 45 year old Super Utilizer, for example, will be able to address some her issues – medical, tracking financials, and logistical by accessing Starfish on her smartphone. She can look at images and watch short videos that will assist her with any of the challenges she is facing from scheduling appointments to administering medication to staying on top of her appointments and schedule of meds.

Built for mobility, Starfish was designed to be as simple to use and provide solutions to the challenges facing our Super Utilizers. We wanted to keep the UI simple, So non-english speaking users could navigate and use the App. We will be demo-ing Starfish on the Android, but it could be made available on iOS as well. We expect to use Local Notifications and Push Technology in future. But, today that would be overkill and meaningless. (as group chat would be, we have the code base. Just pulled it out.) The more interactive a user will be with the app, the more they will be able to rely on it to help them through their journey to good health. Starfish will be able to push data and helpful information back to them. No longer will a Super-Utilizer need anything other than their smartphone and Starfish.

We are HIPAA complaint because we don’t store any of the info. We can firewall all the data collected by the app; but today its viewable by users from different apps. We may in the future charge a fee for storing and allowing multiple devices to connect to the same person data. But today, we are just simply helping people who are engaging the healthcare system repeatedly to stay organized, thus eliminating a second visit due to lack of information or mis-understanding caregivers instructions. We are also helping to organize the information so that when the patient goes from one location to another they have the most important information with them - on their phone. If requested and they need additional forms, we could push those forms and instructions to fill out those forms. Also, in the future we would like to help store the newly created health records and allow parents to share records easily between themselves of their child or of siblings taking care of elderly parents.

Outline on Specs:

A) Eligibility / Coverage Management

 1: Files
 2: Bills

Access to their medical team Here we will eventually see a full history of medical records, financials, insurance coverage, and access to past and current medical team members.

B) Chronic Disease and Care Management:

 1:  Medical Team 
 2: User Profile
 3: Scheduler / Appointment Setting
 4: Pictures / Recordings / Videos
 5: Files
 6: Body Image Map

Here we can see their medical team, access their past and current conditions, emergency contacts, enable them to schedule appointments and maintain a daily schedule of taking medicine and making appointments. We have audio and visual capabilities to make this as easy to use as possible. A diagram of the human body allows them to message their medical team pin pointing where they are experiencing discomfort.

C) Care Transition and Care to Social Services:

 1:  Medical Team
 2: Files
 3: Scheduler / Appointments
 4: Pictures / Recordings / Videos

Here again we have access to their medical team and records along with scheduling features so as to have all the info necessary with them as they go from hospital to hospital. No fear of having to come back or delay because they are missing some information or document. Maybe add some pre-qualifying screens to data to recommend service as preventative medicines.

D) Appointment Management:

 1:  Scheduler 
2: Calendar

Care team contact points This enables the Super utilizer to quickly and easily schedule appointments with their medical team as well as see a daily schedule of what meds and appointments they need to stay on top of that day. Moves the daily routine to a simple view avoiding the complexity of calendaring for daily treatments

E) Access To Health And Wellness Resources

 1:  Access to your medical records.
 2: Push Technology of topic of interest
 3: Local Notification of Task/Calendar events

The more the Super Utilizer will interact and put into Starfish, the more it will be able to send back to them by means of audio and video assistance. IE: Video teaching how to clean wounds, a recording of how to handle their medications.

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