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Care++ provides tailored care management/social services to target interventions for highest-need, highest-cost medicare-medicaid enrolles. The app helps patients’ manage their social needs as well as their medical needs.

The solutions focusses on patients with multiple health concerns: mental health, chronic pain, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. App makes it easy for patients to self-monitor health conditions, eventually leading to improvement in patient's health and habits.

Care++ helps to improve communication among care team members - primary care doctors, clinics, social workers as well as case managers. The app facilitates care coordination to give the right care at the right time in the right setting. It keep tabs on patients and track them throughout their care. Providers can also conduct patient surveys.

For social needs, the app provides a social network that connects low-income, high-need people to a larger community. Members can share stories, advice, resources with each other.

Patients also get easy access to services like housing, transportation, childcare and food banks near them. The app is aware of patient's location and provides services based on his/her location.

The app leverages mobile notifications to provides actionable alerts in real-time.

Improved engagement with App will result in healthier lifestyle, better medication adherence, fewer visits to the hospital and better outcomes – all significant cost-saving factors.

Another feature of the app is "Health indicators" - it is useful for a patient to compare him/her to a sample population and take appropriate steps.

Care++ is an Integrated cloud-based platform for Care coordination and patient engagement.

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