The BALLAST by Vanguard Behavioral Solutions (VBS)

Transformative Web-Based Clinical Tools

VBS has spent years developing and testing web based assessment and treatment planning tools to maximize clinician performance, patient outcomes, cost savings, and the ability for providers to document and disseminate best practices with Super-Utilizer populations. Our field studies have both better understood the limitations of existing practices as well as the significant benefits of using the BALLAST. We are convinced that such benefits include:  Web based assessment and treatment planning tools easily integrated with the medical record.  Standardized intake process which eliminates intake duplication across time and providers  Self-administered assessment able to monitor overall health and treatment progress with super-utilizers  User-friendly self-administered assessment that can advance early detection and higher risk triage situations  Tools that are based on a Patient-Centric approach and promotes patient driven, evidence-based treatment  15 domain framework and web based tools enhance sharing of refined patient data and coordination of care  Sophisticated Ballast informatics can identify best practices and encourage dissemination among providers  Field studies validate the BALLAST improving clinical processes, patient outcomes, and cost savings

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