Twine Health

Twine Health is a collaborative care platform that empowers patients to achieve their health goals.

99% of life – and therefore health activities and decisions – happen outside the walls of the doctor’s office. Our team includes two physicians, a nurse, a social worker and a team of four engineers who are inspired everyday to help support patients between visits.

We are motivated to achieve a future where every individual leaves interactions with their health care team 1)with a clear understanding of what is going on and 2) with a plan that they feel good about and 3) that they are then supported when and where they need it between visits to achieve their health care goals.

In order to do this, we want our product to meet the needs of a range of people. Our target users including everyone from someone like Mary who has multiple complex medical and social issues to someone who is just working on preventative health care issues and everyone in between. We have designed our software to be usable by a wide range of individuals and currently have users ranging in age from 23-92 years old and coming from a wide range of socioeconomic (low and high SES) and geographic areas (both urban and rural communities).

We have conducted two randomized control trials of our software and have helped over 90% of patients to achieve their goals in less than three months. We continue to test our product every day to ensure that it continues to achieve the best possible results for our patients and for the care teams working to support them.

Features that we are most proud of include: 1) the ability to use the tool to a manage any health issue – from housing to hypertension, 2) our shared decision making tools to support conversations between individuals and care givers, 3) our visualizations that help patients to see their own data and to learn how their actions affect their outcomes.

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