Connections, Directions and Support for Superutilizers

Lyfechannel builds programs that gets doctors paid to deliver against a higher quality of care and support patients in the complex journey of chronic care.

We've partnered with the American Diabetes Association to bring their 75 years of expertise to bear to help providers and patients.

Our core business model is rooted in the CMS 99490 incentive which pays providers $40/patient/month for Chronic Care Management. We believe that "monitoring" is only effective as a small part of the context of the health journey, and so we have developed a program of education, logging, adherence and coordination of which "monitoring" is a happy output.

Doctors want monitoring, not patients.

Patients want to be connected and feel powerful in their health journey, not reminded of the tasks.

We believe that we have evolved the unrivaled content of our partner into how people in 2015 "learn", in chunks of 3-5 minutes against specific goals.

Lyfechannel and the ADA are thrilled to propose a solution that reduces some of the headwind of the health journey of super utilizers and bring the system to the patient, in a way that people learn and are engaged and empowered in the health journey.

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