Manager   •   over 6 years ago

Q: Can you comment on issues specific to rural populations/providers, for whom some of the issues may be different than those faced in urban areas (e.g., transportation)?

A: Many of the challenges facing super-utilizers are similar in urban, suburban, and rural areas, and include issues such as cross-provider and provider-patient communication; access to needed medical, behavioral health, and social services; and timeliness of information sharing. However, individuals living in more rural settings may face challenges accessing care that are related specifically to geography – for instance, longer distances to a provider’s office or lack of public transportation. Access to specialty care is also a particular challenge in rural settings, as there are typically fewer specialists, mental health providers, etc. Tools that connect primary care clinicians or other providers with specialists via telehealth and videoconferencing platforms may be especially helpful in rural contexts. Rural areas may also have less broadband coverage, so products aimed at this population should take that into consideration as well.


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