Yosi - Digital check-in for doctor offices

First mobile app for patient check-in

With all the advances in health technology, 90% of patient registration & check in's are still handled on paper forms and clipboards. There are over 1.2B+ patient visits each year. However a digital health product to automate patient registration does not exist for the following reasons:

  1. Each physician practice form is unique and renders itself difficult to automate
  2. Practice management and electronic medical/health record systems (EMR) are not interoperable; thereby limiting physicians to share patient information amongst them.

Yosi is a patient-centric mobile application that allows them to create their personal, demographic and basic health profile once and share it with any physicians they choose from our directory. Their personal information is mapped on to the forms using our patent pending technology and the forms are shared securely with the doctor’s office prior to a patients visit.

The unique feature of Yosi is that a patient;s personal profile is auto-mapped on to the physician practices’ unique forms.

The benefit of Yosi for patients is that they don’t have to fill forms ever again when they visit a physician while the benefit for physicians is that patient's pre-filled forms are received prior to a patient’s visit.

Imagine a world where patient registration and check-in is fully automated. With Yosi, it can be. Yosi is the first digital check-in mobile app that works with ALL physician offices overcoming interoperability limitations.

According to CMS research study, more than 52% of beneficiaries with multiple chronic conditions had more than 5 physician visits per year. Super utilizers are likely to visit multiple new physicians and a mobile app to facilitate check-in and keep track of their visits will substantially improve their life style, health status and benefit physicians.

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